Covered bridge pier

West side Bridge Street, 0.1 mile
Northwest of junction with Highland Drive

This massive pier of rough-cut rubblestone in irregular dry courses is all that remains of the covered bridge that once provided the most convenient means of crossing the Dan River at Leaksville. The bridge was built just above Galloway’s Ford where the road from Martinsville to Greensboro crossed. The pier probably dates from early 1832 when the North Carolina legislature permitted the Leaksville Toll Bridge Company to build a toll bridge on the ford. It is assumed that the pier survived the 1850 flood that destroyed the bridge and was used as support for the replacement bridge constructed in 1852. (From 1850 to 1852, use of the ford resumed.) 

When the Rockingham County Commissioners purchased the bridge in 1883, it became toll-free and remained open to vehicular traffic until the 1930s, although its use was reduced considerably after the concrete bridge on N.C. 87 opened in the 1920s. The covered bridge collapsed in 1946. Today the pier supports a cable installed by the local gas company.