My Kind of Dan: Fishing on the River

Father’s Day is this weekend. It’s an important day to remember the figures in our lives that have fathered us and to celebrate the traditions that we have shared with them. When I think of this day I am often reminded of that iconic picture of Andy and his son Opie walking down a trail with their fishing poles from the opening titles of The Andy Griffith Show (now I’m whistling the theme song). There’s distinct camaraderie there between the two as they share a day full of something they love to do.

I like to fish, and I’ve often done so with my dad. Truth be told, we’re not that great at it. And mostly, fishing is just sitting around and waiting (for my dad and I, it’s waiting a long time!) But that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? The time you get to spend out in nature with someone you care about is the most important part.

I don’t live that far from the Dan River, and it’s the perfect place to find these kinds of moments. With plenty of access sites all over Eden you can pick your fishing style- wade in and fly fish, rent a canoe let the current take you to a bend in the river, or just take a seat on a bank and hope for the best. And what will you find nibbling at your bait (if you’re so lucky)? Trout and Striped Bass are common and among the most popular catches. But you may find yourself pulling up some Walleye or Blue Catfish. The river is rich with lots of underwater life.

Wherever you choose to drop your line and however lucky you get, take a moment to look around. The serenity of the Dan is sure to capture you. And if there’s someone with you, notice for a few minutes the feeling you get of connecting with them away from the distractions of life. It’s the stuff of good stories and whistle-worthy tunes.